Last updated 2 months ago

What are the benefits of Thunkable ✕ over Thunkable Classic? Tradeoffs?

We designed Thunkable ✕ to not only support apps on iOS and Android out of the box but also radically modernize our infrastructure to give our developers of the future the same design and functional capabilities that professional developers building on the latest technologies have today.

Some of the things our users love the most:

  • Blocks instead of code

    • Makes fully native apps with blocks instead of writing lines of code

    • Significantly fewer blocks required than in Thunkable Classic

  • Cross-platform out of the box

    • Build once and deploy to both Android and iOS

    • For iOS, includes the ability to download and publish apps without a Mac (which professional developers cannot do)

  • Better, faster, more delightful

    • Live test in realtime as you build and preview all your projects from the comfort of your Thunkable app (simultaneously on iOS and Android)

    • Modern, beautiful app design capabilities (navigators, flexbox, layering . . .)

    • Drag and drop to incorporate the hottest technologies (Airtable, Dialogflow, Stripe, Lottie . . .)

    • Share fully-editable and read-only projects with a link (and get tracking for them)

    • A growing library of sample apps to remix from; over 25,000 remixes to date

    • Tutorials built into the platform to complement a strong community and revamped docs

How much does it cost to use Thunkable ✕?

Thunkable is currently free to use. Thunkable charges a maintenance fee for the use of certain components such as Payment by Stripe.

I am a Thunkable Classic Android user. Can I import my projects?

Thunkable Cross Platform ✕ was redesigned from the ground up to give users a more modern, intuitive and more efficient way to build apps leveraging the latest technologies.

Unfortunately, that means projects on Thunkable Android are not easily importable to ✕ and we recommend starting all projects from scratch. You will notice that there are also some components that are not yet available on ✕ (we are working on adding more soon) and also some that are available only on ✕. You will also notice that some key tasks like live testing, downloading, exporting and sharing projects have also been updated.