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Share a copy of your project by generating and sharing a link with your collaborators and the Thunkable community

Share a copy of your app project by link

Remove all API keys / passwords / other files you don't want to share

When you share your project, we automatically clear out any app settings which currently includes Firebase and Stripe keys and urls

When you generate a share link, it will create a copy of your app project at the point in time you generate the link. If you update your app and want your collaborators / remixers to have the latest copy, you'll have to generate a new link

When a user clicks on your share link, a copy of your app will automatically appear in their account. For every copy of your app that is created in a user's account, you will get credit for a share on your project page

Share a read-only version of your app project by link

If you want to share a read-only version of your app project, you simply set your project to Public in your App Settings page and share the link of your project url

Users who visit the project url link do not automatically get a copy of your app in their account but they can use the Make Copy button to create a copy if they wish

Thunkable is building the world's largest gallery of open sourced apps. In the future, setting an app project to Public will contribute your app to that open gallery, making your project viewable by our larger Thunkable community.