Live Test

Last updated 5 days ago

One of Thunkable's coolest features is the ability to change and update your app in real-time. Not even hard-core developers have this super power.

Once you have synced your app with your project, every change you make to your project will be reflected in your app. Your app also lets you preview all your app projects from the comfort of your mobile device.

Download the Thunkable Live app(s)

Live Test

After you have downloaded and logged into your Thunkable Live Android or iOS app on your phone, please select Live Test on the Thunkable web platform to sync your project with your app. Any changes that you make to your project should be reflected in your app. Some changes that you make may crash the app itself so it may be helpful to exit out of and re-open the app.

Live Preview (Android only)

For the first time, you can also now live preview all your app projects from the comfort of your mobile device (Android only). Simply login and you should see a list of all your projects on your Thunkable Live app.

We are currently working with Apple to enable this feature on our Thunkable Live app on iOS


Common issues

You see a blank / white screen when you live test (even if there are items in your app)

  • If you have a Navigator as the first item in your tree, make sure your screen is dropped within it

  • Your have unconnected blocks

  • You have a blank field in your Height or Width property settings (Android)

  • You have an event triggered by a Screen.Start which may be causing the screen to crash

  • Your app and desktop may not be logged into the same account

Image is not showing up on your phone

  • The height or width of the image may be set to 'Fit contents'