App Icon + Name

Last updated 20 days ago

Thunkable supports uploading a separate image file for your custom icon and adding your app name -- the name that appears next to your app icon on your phone (this is different from your project name when you create a new app).

For the app icon, please make sure the file you upload does not have the same name as one uploaded in your files. This will cause an error.

App Icon

App Name

192 x 192 px (minimum); square (equal height and width) and preferably .png (vs. jpg). For publishing to iOS App Store, you will also need an app icon that does not have any transparency or it may cause an error

Since space is limited, we recommend a short one or two word app name

For publishing your app to the Play and App stores, you will need to create a separate icon with a higher resolution. For Play, the current requirement is 500 x 500 px. For the App Store, it's 1024 x 1024 px.