Sample Apps

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Start with a sample app for inspiration and to save some perspiration

Thunkable is building the world's largest gallery of open sourced apps to help inspire you and save you time.

Below are a few of our favorites with more to come. Feel free to remix!


New Market Goods

New Market Goods is a simple website app with a branding screen and a social media bar that opens a deep link to a user's installed apps that works across platforms. We recommend URL genius to find deep links for commonly used apps. No set-up is required.


Feelings is a swipe-able audio book powered by a Tab Navigator and a Text to Speech component. No set-up is required.


Aloha is a simple anonymous chat app powered by a Firebase Realtime Database. No set-up is required.


こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa / Hello in Japanese)

こんにちは is an app designed for travel in any country. It uses the newly upgraded Speech Recognizer combined with the Translator component powered by Yandex to translate any spoke phrase into one of 87 supported languages.

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Personal News

Personal News is an easy to edit newsfeed of your favorite websites, powered by a simple Airtable spreadsheet with Articles and Descriptions that you can modify at any time. This app can be remixed in a number of ways from displaying help content for your products in a more optimized way to sharing your favorite products from your e-commerce business. This app features a Stack Navigator and a Share component as well!

Social Credit

Social Credit is a team counting app for thankless tasks. The app shares data for the team in a private Firebase realtime database account so Thunkers looking to create one for their team will need to set one up. The app also features some basic error handling and a for loop block


Weather is an app that pulls the latest temperature from the Weather Underground API and as a bonus the latest traffic from the Google Maps component; Thunkers will need to create a free account to create their own Weather Underground API key


Translator is an app that translates English text into the 20 most popular languages in the world; features advanced use of ListView and persistent data with Local Storage. No set-up is required although Thunkers can use their own Yandex API key if desired


Dad is a digital version of Albert's dad, based on a recorded interview and powered by Dialogflow's Assistant service. Thunkers must create their own Dialogflow account to customize their digital version.



Reservation is a demonstration of how to accept credit card payments through your app. Thunkers must create their own Stripe account (please follow the documentation carefully on set-up). The app also uploads user data to a spreadsheet for proper tracking of user transactions.


Gram is who photo sharing should be -- ad-free, auto-captioning and secure. This app features the Sign In component with Realtime DB both powered by Firebase, Image Recognizer by Microsoft and a way to "heart" photos. Thunkers must create their own Firebase account and add their own API keys and database url in their account settings.